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Artist's Statement

I paint and illustrate animals that help narrate themes like longevity, death, love, self preservation and childhood nostalgia.  Growing up in a Chinese and Caucasian household, I learned how the zodiac animals can be used to characterize an individuals. I use these animals as characters in my works that remind me of people I know or came across in my life.  Animals that I use heavily in my works are cranes and rabbits. 


The Crane represents longevity and a spirit/ghosts in my works.  The Rabbit is used as a homage to my late father who died in February 2021.   He had a huge impact in my artistic journey when he was alive.  The rabbit in my works is a reminder that he will be never forgotten and will always be watching over me.


Before, I used to paint and illustrate pin-up and beautiful women.  At the time my process of painting was more structured and controlled.  However, my current process is little more loose.  While I still have well-rendered figures, I am now incorporating more abstract aspects like, drips, washes and loose brush strokes.  The abstract parts of my paintings, is heavily influenced by Chinese calligraphy, Chinese art of “ink splash” and ancient Chinese ink paintings.   Moving forward I will be continuing exploring and experimenting on creating a perfect marriage of abstraction and figures in my work.  

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