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About Alison Lucille.P.

Born and raised in the Bay Area in California, Alison grew up in a biracial house of Chinese American and European American.  This cultivated a foundation of rich culture and inspiration.  Alison was a self taught artist before she entered the art program at Las Positas College (Livermore, CA) in 2012.  There, she developed her style in figurative art and had strengthen her skills in drawing, watercolor and acrylic painting.  In the spring of 2017 she received an Associates Degree of Fine Arts, emphasis in painting.  The fall of 2017, she entered in the art program at Humboldt State University (Arcata, CA). 


During her years at Humboldt, Her work was focusing on redefining what a pin-up is.  She created illustrations that puts these pin-ups in surrealist spaces in order to give more value and meaning to these women.  But as she progressed in her art journey, Alison felt that her work was becoming stale.  She began to experiment with incorporating her Chinese heritage and abstraction into her works.  This allowed her to share stories through Chinese mythology.  In the spring of 2020, Alison graduated from Humboldt State and received a Bachelors in Studio Art, emphasis in illustration, drawing, and painting.  


Currently Alison has been working as a freelance artist. Alison is also teaching art to young students around the Bay Area in California.

sleepy lion.jpg

"Nulla dies sine linea"

"No day without a line."

Apelles, an ancient Greek painter in 4th Century B.C


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